1. Review: The Quiet Americans - Medicine

    By Christian Church

    The Quiet Americans is an interesting choice of names for a group so steeped in British psychedelia. But from the first warped chord of “Be Alone” to the last bit of static on “Weird Mountain”, these Yanks from Fresno, CA stake their own claim. The six tracks on their new EP, Medicine, play like a lo-fi Tame Impala. Prickly and hazy, the sound is immediate in its poppiness and experimentation. The fuzzy guitar and English-inflected vocals wash over the listener, while noise and rhythm bristle all around the edges.

    You can get one of the limited run cassettes (just 100 copies!) on CoatTrack Records or head to the Quiet American’s Bandcamp to grab the digital version or stream the whole EP. Listen to the opening track “Be Alone” below.

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