1. Review: Colleen Green - Cujo

    By Christian Church

    In the modern musical landscape, being a lo-fi artist can be difficult. It can be a challenge to execute the sound without it becoming gimmicky. What makes Colleen Green’s Cujo EP work so well is that the drum machine, toy instruments, fuzzy guitar, and multi-tracked reverbed vocals aren’t merely an aesthetic. They’re sincerely the way Green can make her garage pop music without the aide of a band.

    Colleen Green, first and foremost, writes catchy songs. The heavy guitar on tracks like “Rabid Love” and the pummelling drum machine that runs throughout help crank up the punk side of Cujo and hit that sweet spot between pop-punk and noise rock that Wavves has been trying to achieve for years.

    Get the Cujo EP from Art Fag Recordings and listen to “Rabid Love” below.

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