1. Track Premiere: Digital Leather - Thrill Is Gone

    By Christian Church

    It’s easy to draw comparisons between Shawn Foree’s Digital Leather and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. Both projects are the work of multi-instrumental musical auteurs, crafting manic, lo-fi bedroom albums at an alarmingly prolific rate. But Digital Leather’s upcoming release Sponge plays more like Bee Thousand on amphetamines. It’s an album with no qualms about pushing its static-washed indie rock tunes into garage, punk, and new wave territory.

    “Thrill Is Gone” represents this better than any other track on the LP. Opening with trebled-out motorik drums, Foree’s Pollard-esque croon and crunching guitar soon follow. The lyrics showcase that Ariel Pink-meets-punk aesthetic succinctly: “I get so fuckin’ depressed sometimes/Don’t even have the energy to take my life/Thrill is gone.” Barely a transition occurs before the next track erupts and Sponge as a whole is done in little over 20 blistering minutes, begging for a rewind.

    Sponge is available for pre-order now and debuts January 3rd on Crash Symbols as a cassette and digital download. Stream and download “Thrill Is Gone” below.

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  6. docshoe said: Dude, how cool is this? I’m doing a Jay Reatard marathon on my blog, and it seems both Jay Reatard and his buddy Elvis Wong used to play with Digital Leather. I am DEFINITELY going to check out this band.
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