1. Podcast: It’s A Mess - Episode VII

    By A.A. Yuen and Douglas J. Sweeney

    “It’s a Mess” is a podcast that sandwiches some of our favorite garage jams, L.A. local bands, and a few guests between dick jokes and giggles.

    Episode VII, in which Douglas calls in sick, features a creature only previously known to It’s a Mess listeners through lore: Dr. Zazz (the quotable one himself). Drew and Scrappy McShitler run through some backed up material in Doug’s absence, including stories of old, ridiculously spiteful e-mails, ridiculously creepy e-mails, and some culinary take-aways from this year’s Los Angeles.

    Here are the songs they get to:
    Neverever - “Wedding Day” (Shake-A-Baby)
    Shannon and the Clams - “Sleep Talk” (Sleep Talk)
    Spider Bags - “Eileen” (Teenage Eyes 7”)
    Jacuzzi Boys - “Los Angeles” (Glazin’)

    End Bumper (as always): Vera Lynn - “Goodnight, Wherever You Are”

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    Love always,
    It’s a Mess staff

    Writers: A.A. Yuen, Douglas J. Sweeney
    Producer: Brian Eno
    Post-Production: A.A. Yuen

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