1. Review: Culture Kids - Culture Kids

    By Becca Capers

    When I saw Culture Kids in East Nashville, they delivered all of the mosh-inspiring feats one desires from a band of their genre. Having just come out, their self-titled release delivers a succinct one-two punch that is equally expectation-meeting.

    Something I love about Culture Kids is that there are no lead feet in the band. Blast beats drive and inhabit almost every track, jumping nimbly over bass and guitar solos and never stopping for pubescent pleas. Psychedelia is not lost on these artists, either. The pace halves for “Slow Jam” and ferments in “Headless Body in a Topless Bar”, which is almost pure noise. ┬áThe track makes you wade through it, guided only by a quickening guitar to the faintly illuminating light of Justin’s yelps at the end. The bass lines are especially deft on this album, and it is in them that I can find the resonant melodies that some people find hardcore wonting. Culture Kids are serious performers, but if they played the recorded album and lip-synced to it, they’d be just as show-controlling as they were live.

    Pick up the tape at Burger.

    Culture Kids - MLMMMT by BurgerRecords

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