1. Review: Apache Dropout - Radiation 7”

    By Burgers Rana

    Apache Dropout are, as many claim, the hardest working Midwest American garage outfit. With already a couple of releases from many reputable labels, (Trouble in Mind, Family Vineyard, Glory Hole, just to name a few) the latest single comes from New York label Mexican Summer. The already sold-out (probably still available at shows) Radiation 7” is a collection of three bubblegum psych gems.

    Title track “Radiation” takes a page from A Place To Bury Strangers’ psych school of thought, but holds back on the fuzz and relies more on the groove, while “Born To Die” is a cowboy blues kaleidoscope affair with the vocals coming off as if it were recorded at a friend’s pool. “School Girl” is the standout party track gripping you by the prep school collar and tossing you around ‘til you are left wearing a Fun House tee, safety-pinned Levi’s, and beer-smeared Chucks.

    Apache Dropout - School Girl by Mexican Summer

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