1. Review: Coasting - You’re Never Going Back

    By Zach Braun

    Following the release of two dynamite singles, the Brookyln duo Coasting has come up big with their debut LP You’re Never Going Back. Drummer Fiona Campbell, who also plays with Vivian Girls and contributed to that band’s criminally underrated third album Share The Joy, is a serious talent that bashes out lightning-quick drum fills like John Maher of the Buzzcocks and stands above so many others who stick to surf rock and Ramones beats.┬áThat engine DRIVES these songs, and along with guitarist Madison Farmer, Campbell creates an unholy racket that combines dueling vocals, post-punk angularity, twee-pop sweetness, and the visceral power of the White Stripes into a potent mixture that can lift you off the ground if you’re not paying attention.

    Side one closer “For Hours” builds and builds into an extended coda of Campbell and Farmer’s wordless cries weaving in and out of each other, until they drift into the dreamy roar of classic shoegaze, but here it’s only two people making all that noise. You’re Never Going Back is a formidable LP. Don’t let the adorable knitted tiger on the cover fool you.

    You’re Never Going Back is out now on M’lady’s Records.

    Coasting - For Hours

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