1. Review: Twin Steps - Serial Parade EP

    By Ruby Perez

    Hailing straight from Oakland is Twin Steps’ Serial Parade, a little EP that deserves to be danced too. Whether it’s drunkenly pogo-ing or slow dancing real close, Twin Steps is for music fans who really like to get down. First off, they’re catchy as hell; their 1960s doo-wop-pop sound is undeniably infectious. The Oakland-based trio knows how to infuse the perfect elements of oldies with straightforward rock. 

    “Pinkie Promise,” which has the same hopeless/dark feeling as the Shangri-Las turns into a slam-worthy dance tune. The song includes samples of Etta James’ (R.I.P) “At Last”, and does justice in sampling a woman greatly responsible for branching together blues and rock n’ roll. And of course, there’s “Pitch Black Forest”, which samples the Ronettes. With some time and a few listens, the music of Twin Steps becomes as lovable as the numbers they sample.

    Members Drew Pearson, Jonathan Reddick, and Nick Cowman released their debut EP Serial Parade on Cola Bruin Records. Listen to “Pinkie Promise” below and more here.

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