1. The Oblivians To Release New LP

    By Joey Genovese

    Today sucked for me. I woke up at 5am. That sucked. I went to work. It sucked. I ate pizza-bites for dinner. Sucked? Everything pretty much sucked, until I heard some tasty news dropped upon me from above. THE OBLIVIANS ARE GONNA RECORD ANOTHER ALBUM! Yes its true, our favorite bassless bastards are going to hit the studio next month to make their first album since 1997!! It’s coming out on In The Red. When we know more, we will tell you. Here is a picture of Greg Cartwright and Larry Hardy (ITR founder) sealin’ the deal. And to think, after all those pizza-bites, there just may be a God….

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    Hell yes, hell fucking yes.
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    Easily the best reunion news of the year.
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  16. ohgiveover said: I heard about that just recently. Totally stoked! Maybe I’ll finally get to see them. Now, someone needs to speak to The Mummies and demand the same. Recent ‘one-off’ gigs in Valencia and Paris…teasing bastards!
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