1. A Tribute to the Kinks

    By Ruby Perez

    The Kinks are kind of an essential to every music lover’s library. I’m sure we can all recall listening to the Kinks for the first time and realizing, Wow, what have I been doing with my life until now?

    Neotomic Webzine has created a label, Neotomic Records, and in doing so is providing an opportunity for us to fall in love with the Kinks all over again. Being the first ever release, the label will be creating a tribute to the Kinks featuring an eclectic range of artists such as King Lollipop, Colleen Green, White Wires, Unnatural Helpers and many more. Neotomic wants to put this bad boy on tape, and needs a little help. A kickstarter has been created, so check out the video, and if you like what you hear, go on ahead and support a good label and some good people.

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