We interrupt your regularly scheduled giveaways for this super cool exclusive tour vinyl from Screaming Females! The New Brunswick band is now touring in support of their fifth record, Ugly, out now on Don Giovanni Records. Listen to “Expire” here

    The band is releasing a limited edition, tour-only LP version of the album. The packaging for the tour edition is done in the style of the band Crass, where instead of a jacket there is a large poster which folds up into the packaging. The only way you can get your hands on this besides going to their shows (which is imperative - check to see if they’ll be playing near you here) is through GET BENT! 

    Additionally, we’ll be offering the guitar, bass, and drum tabs for the entire record, transcribed by the members. According to Jared, “We all grew up learning to play our instruments by downloading tabs of our favorite songs and examining every note. Inevitably half of the tab were incorrect. Discovering the mistakes and correcting them has made us all better listeners and musicians. Tabbing out our entire new record is not only something fun for our fans to check out but is also our way of thanking all those instrument tabbers out there that helped us become the musicians we are today.” Download the tabs here

    If you want the vinyl, comment on this post with your favorite song, and while you wait to find out if it’s your lucky day, go ahead and learn how to play it!  

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    kja;ldsfjlKFJ:LKFJAGEOij i cannot believe i didn’t have the physical cash to get this when me and who cares went to see...
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  8. freakflagboston said: The first time I saw the “Screamales” they convinced me to buy their split 7” inch “Its a split with our friends Jeff The Brotherhood” which I replied “who ?” but I bought the record regardless (thank god) Now I am forever thankful to King Mike!
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    my favorite song is New Kid but seriously I love their whole discography!!!
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    Jesus my favorite song by these guys is Sheep
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    I can’t stop replaying ‘Rotten Apple’ and ‘Bell’ today
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  21. neotomic said: I love “I Don’t Mind It!”
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    Saw this band open for the Dead Weather last year and they blew the fucking roof off! Hear it. Know it. Love it. Tell...
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