1. Review: Ty Segall & White Fence - Hair

    By Becca Capers

    These two California musicians have joined together before. This time, for Hair (Drag City), the collaboration is just as aptly called a “joint” and left at that.

    Ty Segall's co-musicianship with the blissfully psychedelic White Fence is a match made in heaven… if your heaven is a carefree cotton candy cloud in an orange sky. As the cover image suggests, this album is a throwback to 60s Beatles and other British pop. They even adorn faux British accents in some of their more audible singing. If you were to randomly pick up and put down the needle on this record, you’d most often land on heavily pedaled guitar noodling over a crescendo of bass + drum noise. The finale of “Scissor People”, in fact, is a string of guitar solos edited back-to-back to finish the most experimental track on the album.

    There is not a dearth of talent in this collaboration, though the “don’t think about it” vibe can be a little overpowering. (If you try to “think about it,” you’re confronted with jaded lyrics like “Here the kid from the skies/They came to get you high” and “It’s alright, I’m stoned, and you know it takes time.”) But, hey! Isn’t psychedelia supposed to enthrall you past the possibility of cerebral analysis? If so, Hair definitely achieves its goal.

    Listen to “Scissor People” and disappear for awhile.

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