1. Review: Vincas - Blood Bleeds

    By Ruby Perez

    Douchemaster Records has done us the pleasure of reissuing Vincas’ debut album, Blood Bleeds. Unless you were one of the lucky one hundred to get your mittens on the self-released limited copies, you, like many of us, were denied the psychedelic goodness that is Vincas.

    Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Vincas are just one of the many captivating bands that are making a name for the American South. Heavy, powerful, and feverishly aggressive, opening track “Red Eyed” tells us exactly what this band is about. The song begins with an addictive bass line accompanied by pulsating drums. When the vocals of Chris McNeal and Scott Kviklys enter the track, we are presented with an intensity that few are able to pull off. Finally, when Kviklys’ guitar comes crashing in mid-song, “Red Eyed” feels like a rock ‘n’ roll punch to the stomach. The rest of the songs found on Blood Bleeds are just as satisfying as the opening track. Although not all songs come at you like a kamikaze, they rather develop and dip into groovier influences as the album progresses. Track “In My Bones” carries a blues influence and a Cramps-inspired bass line that makes this album a special one.

    Blood Bleeds is available on Douchemaster Records.

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