1. Track: Shannon & The Clams - Gremlins Crawl

    By Joseph Rodriguez

    It’s been a little while since we’ve heard some news from the always impressive, Shannon & The Clams, but their back to dishing out the goods with an impending 7”. This will be the first release from the trio since their acclaimed Sleep Talk LP, one of our top ten picks of 2011, and will be put out by our friends over at Volar Records August 17th. Listen to the Cody (King Lollipop) led track “Gremlins Crawl” below, and pre-order the 7” here.

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    sw33t! also, check out the new GET BENT banner on their page. i made it!
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    Such good news!
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    I’m so proud of shanny-ba-nanny
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    i fucking love this band
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    great news!
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    GREAT NEWS! Wiggly World will be picking up tons of copies of this release
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