1. Review: Legs - AAAA New Memphis Legs

    By Lisa Parisi

    Holy fuzzy scuzz! Barbarous screaming and venomous rancor, Memphis’ LEGS latest LP from Goner is ratty, primitive gunk at its finest, leaving a glorious tingling in your ears as they wallop you with raw rock and roll till you emerge a bruised, booze-drenched, sweaty mess.

    With their shrieking wrath, gnarled riffs, hissing amps, clamoring cymbals, wheezing guitars, and an overwhelming tinge of animalistic lecher, songs like “Drunk”, “I Want Love”, “Bill Dakota”, and “Wild About You” make LEGS a brunt force of sullied rock and roll pandemonium. Consisting of James Arthur (of J.A Man Hunt) and Eric Oblivian (of, uhh THEE Oblivians), AAAA New Memphis Legs is a piece of history dating back to 2000—hell, you can hear them squabble in between takes, which only further enhances the raw palpability that makes this LP so damn good.

    LEGS capture the ratty essence that makes Goner THE supremeo in the genre—hell it IS the essence of Goner for Christ’s-sake! Ditties like “Driving Me Insane”, “Been Kinda Lost”, “You Won’t Get Me”, and “Doin’ It Too Hard” are that Memphis aesthetic of bluesy garage that is coarsely thunderous, primal, vexing, and grimy with buzzing distortion. It’s hard to pin this amazing din on any other city. As Jerry Lee Lewis famously crooned about Memphis, it’s “where the beat is tough… it’s in your blood that Memphis beat.” And LEGS will beat you with their tumultuous beats till that Memphis blood is streaming forth; you better believe it. Order it here

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