1. June 19, 2011: Deadbeat Dads

    By Sonam Parikh

    This here mix is for all of the deadbeat daddys out there. It’s a healthy dose of fuck you comingled with some pure musical fury — the musical backdrop for all the goddamn shit he’s thrown your way. Freak the fuck out to The Spits, Jay Reatard, Moonhearts, White Stripes, Slutever, Screaming Females. Hey, at least hating my dad taught me to love punk rock, right?! Tracklist after the cut.¬†

    Eat My Shorts - Moonhearts
    I Was My Parents Vision - Nodzzz
    Hide the Kids - Pens
    No Offense - Slutever
    Humanity Arranged - Screaming Females
    Treat You So Bad - The Phantoms
    Tuff News - The Spits
    Fading All Away - Jay Reatard
    Black Math - The White Stripes 

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    for those of you not tryna honor your father today, sonam made another great mix at letsgetbent. while my dad isn’t a...
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    This mix kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111
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