1. Interview: Talking to Tim

    By Ryan Yelencsics

    "It’s just me in my room, slowly dying. But it’s fun; it’s what I do. Some people build toothpick statues and model airplanes. I just happen to do this."

    Tim Presley is a man that is making his own mark in the industry. Aside from his time spent playing guitar in the band Darker My Love, Tim has also churned out two lengthy LP’s for his solo endeavor, White Fence. Growing up in sunny California, Tim is a seasoned musician, playing and performing in bands since his youth. “I never really decided that I was going to be a musician; I just kind of always have been from like 9 on. I was in a Spanish rock band when I was 9 called Pato Domingo. 2 strings, nylon strings.”

    As we sat and talked on some random stoop in downtown Rochester where he had just performed for maybe ten or fifteen people but was still in good spirits, I could not help but be puzzled at the fact that he was enjoying himself, despite having traveled all the way across the country to get to this rather uninteresting town.

    “It’s better that way. You get to see places, you get to eat their cuisine, and you get to get out of your life… I don’t make any money on tour at all. I mean, technically I make money at the shows, but there is so much other shit that goes into it. I think it’s just good to get out there and play. It feels good sometimes. I love staying home and recording, but every once in awhile, I get that itch. I’ve been bit by that horrible tour bug since 18. It’s a lot like being in the army. You are so used to it, and suddenly you come home, and you’re like, ‘What am I doing with myself? What am I going to do to get those feelings back that I had on tour?’ It’s a weird thing.”

    But as his current tour comes to a close, finishing up with yet another trip across the country with bands like The Strange Boys, JEFF the Brotherhood, The Fresh & Onlys, and Woods, recording is still a fresh idea in his mind. “I’ve got like 70 songs, and I don’t know what to do with them.” Although my response to this was a poorly executed joke about making a 70 song LP, it sure does make me wonder about the ones that haven’t made it to a record yet. His most recent album …Is Growing Faith will give you a good idea of his song writing ability with sixteen sugar coated tracks that trick you into not realizing the album has played through four times already. “I wish I could just boil it down to twelve, but I can’t. I’ve got a serious problem here. Too much music. Overloaded.” 

    With all that music and his love of recording, Tim has let some of it overflow onto friends and fellow music makers The Strange Boys from Austin, TX. “I like to let them do their own thing. I don’t live in Austin, so it’s kind of hard for me to stay up on their new shit. I helped record Be Brave and a little bit on the new one, but I am more like a utility friend.” Tim was also a utility friend to Mark Smith of the 70’s punk band The Fall, helping record the Reformation Post TLC record. “It was great, it was a really good time. I got paid a lot of money, and it was cool to play with Mark.” 

    Check out Tim Presley as he finishes up his summer tour, and buy his most recent LP …Is Growing Faith, available now from Woodsist Records.

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