1. Review: Telephones Rouges - Radiocontrol EP

    By Burgers Rana

    I can’t for the life of me understand a word the Telephones Rouges are singing on their latest EP output Radio Control, and it’s not just because they are singing in Spanish. It’s because the keys are fuzzed out to maximum freak out, the guitars are soaring, and the drums sound like they are right next to you. But that’s okay because you can tell whatever the foursome (who all share vocal duties) are preaching about, they feel it in their guts, in their fingers, and on the tips of their hair. Kicking it since 2007, the band has steadily been making a name for themselves and have released two previous EP’s. Both were super limited at 50 and 200 copies respectively. Through the course of the five song EP, one can articulate that these guys really like to mix Sonic Youth energy with Trashmen ethos.

    You can now listen and download the entirety of Radio Control for free through their bandcamp, while up-in-coming Barcelona label Mama Vynila Records will be releasing this knuckle punch of an EP on 525 10” copies. And with stellar art, why would you not throw some bones their way.

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